MIU MIU L’Eau Roseé

MIU MIU has launched a new perfume. Even though the word rosée hints that this is a rose perfume, it is not. Rosée means “dew” as in dewdrop, so the focus is rightly so on the bright shimmering early spring vibe; the sparkle of morning mist being hit by early morning sunbeams. Quite a nice an refreshing surprise.

Did you know that black currant fruit and juice has been found to relieve depression? The scent itself is a fizzy pop of happiness.  The tiny first early rosebuds of the spring add a sweet floral twist and the very slight lily of the valley creates a scent that would be perfectly suited to an Easter Sunday brunch.

Miu Miu L’Eau Rosée is in not a complex or sophisticated fragrance, but rather a prime example of a perfume that exists purely for enjoyment and fun. If you are someone who loves deep and complex florientals, this won’t be a scent that you would reach for after-dark assignations, but it will be perfect for those days when, finally weary of the long winter months you can at long last throw open the windows and let the sunshine in.

NOTES: Lily of the valley, cassis buds, rose buds, green accord, musk.

MIU MIU L’Eau Roseé launches from the mid-March through DOUGLAS


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