My five favorite eye PENCILS for TIGHT LIGNING a.k.a. invisible eyeliner

There are so many make-up tips and tricks to make your eyes look bigger, but there’s one in particular that I’ve sworn by for years: tight lining (a.k.a the invisible eyeliner, when you apply your liner along the waterline of your top or bottom lashes). It’s my tried-and-true trick for fuller lashes and wide-open eyes.

The only downside to applying this eyeliner is that it’s so near, or even on the waterline, which means you need an eyeliner that’s waterproof, high pigment, doesn’t flake, and slides on like a dream. And since you probably don’t feel the need to testdrive a bunch of liners to see which actually works, I did the hard part for you. You’re welcome!

Find my top five eye pencils below:

Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

When I’m applying to my waterline, I don’t want to feel it during the day—I just want to swipe and forget that I’m even wearing it. If you’re in the same boat, then this is an eyeliner worth trying. It’s so lightweight, it basically melts into your waterline. You won’t remember it’s there until it’s time to take it all off.

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Eyepencil

This eyeliner is basically made for your sensitive-ass waterline. Because of its extra-creamy texture, it goes on without pulling or irritating your waterline and it sets in seconds. Once it’s set in place, it’s not going anywhere. This waterproof liner truly lives up to its name.

Nars Cosmetics larger than life + High Pigment eye pencil

The larger than life pencil has a slight sheen to it that won’t visible as much when applied as a tight line but is silky soft, glides on effortlessly and blends well. The high pigment will help to intensify your gaze as the pencil is deep black, matte and yes, highly pigmented.

INGLOT eye pencil

I’ve been working with this pencil for years and recommend it to all of my clients. Even the most sensitive eyes, and contact lens wearers will benefit from this pencil. All the pencils mentioned above, except the Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl Eyeliner Pencil tend to dry quickly, so you won’t have any playing time if you want smudge the liner creating a upper lash line faded smokey eyeliner. The Inglot pencil that comes in several colors acts like a dream while the active ingredients provide a moisturizing effect. Highly recommended.

Naturally all of the mentioned eyeliners can also be used to create a wing eyeliner that lasts. That said; if you have any questions regarding the tight line or eye pencils, pop me a question thru direct messages on my Instagram @amandarijff   Enjoy!

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