Nail Inspiration For The Holidays

If you have been Christmas shopping you’ve noticed that the stores are filled with beautiful collections waiting for you to buy. From top to bottom for the festive season. Dress to impress but let’s not forget hair and nails. It’s like having a beautiful Christmas tree without having anything on top or the wrong bells. Here is some inspiration!

Chanel Rouge Noir is a true beauty classic, introduced 20 years ago. When launching in the ’90 it was unheard that a nail polish was sold out. You might know this color from the movie Pulp Fiction where Uma Thurman wore this nail colour.

Chanel nail inspiration

One of the eye catchers of the holiday season collection 2015 is this semi transparant topcoat with dark red and gold sparkles, that gives a shiny 3-D finish to every nail polish you wear.

Tom Ford Nails

It’s the time of the year: red, red and some more red. You cannot go wrong with having bold red Tom Ford nails, short or long.  If you look for a beautiful OPI red, go for Big Apple Red or invest in one of the fun colors from the O.P.I. Starlight Christmas collection.

OPI Starlight

Are you not a big fan of nail polish? The L’Oréal nail stickers are easy in use and comes with a variety of designs for the holidays. Every set contains of 18 stickers and has several sizes available. My favourites: Chic Python, Golden Lace and Pearly Dress.

L' Oreal Nail stickers
Do you really want something different and are you creative? Watch this Youtube video:

Tom Ford and Chanel nail polish are available HERE The L’Oreal nail stickers are available HERE Find the Starlight collection at OPI

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