Natura Bissé S.O.S. Instant Rescue & ILIA Radiant Beauty Balm SPF 20

I’ve tried a delegation of S.O.S. balms over time. S.O.S, meaning instant balms that don’t always deliver what the promise. This one on the other hand is a keeper. It soothes irritates skin due to allergies, (sun) burns and cold weather. It also promises to control skin reactions and strenghten its protective barrier making it more protective. (€ 115,50 euro | 30 ml)

Natura Bisse SOS Istant Rescue1 Natura Bisse S.O.S. Instant Rescue2
These are the main ingredients:

Phytocutan® (5%) is an exclusive extract of high quality calendula and its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, scar-promoting and protective action is extraordinarily effective.

Arnica Montana (7%) helps to calm the skin. It helps prevent the appearance of bumps and bruises and diminishes the symptoms when they do appear.

S.O.S. INSTANT RESCUE also includes Sensorphine (3%), an exclusive neuropeptide that helps release beta-endorphins (the happiness molecule, yay!), reducing tension in skin and modulating its perception of irritation and pain.

Another ingredient is organic aloe vera (2%) which refreshes, soothes and decongests. This exceptional moisturizer increases the resistance of sensitive skin and diminishes irritation.

Propolis extract is an ingredient that contains natural antibiotics as well as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and scar-promoting properties.

Tripeptide-10 Citrulline and Tripeptide-1 contribute to repairing skin, helping improve skin’s self-defense mechanism.

Recommended? Yes, very recommendable indeed.

ILIA Radiant Beauty Balm SPF 20

Shake it well before use, and when you do find all this radiance coming to you. The beauty balm contains an SPF20 with active ingredients such as Non-Nano Zinc Oxide. It’s an UVA/UVB meaning you can swim or lie at a pool in some idyllic hotspot, or go skiing and still look fresh and radiant while your skin is protected. I am fond of the product. It really does leave a radiant sheen on the skin without staining or blotching. I love to use it after skincare or mix it up with my hydrating primer that contains a natural SPF 8 due to anti-oxidants.  (50 gr. | € 44)

ILIA Radiant Beauty Balm

And now the fun part. Mix the Natura Bisse S.O.S. and the radiant beauty balm on a make-up no make-up day for healthy, protected, and glowy looking skin. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Natura Bissé is also available thru BABASSU SPA


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