Natura Bissé – The Inhibit Facelift

I had the privilege to experience one of the newest facial treatments at the recently opened Babassu Spa in Amsterdam. As you can imagine the store on its own is as inspiring as can be and the products have I want written all over it. This goes without saying; the service is always outstanding and the staff members very knowledgeable.

If you looking for something special for yourself or as a present than this is one of my favorite beauty walhalla’s to be. When you walk to the back of the shop you will find the spa with several rooms where soft music comes from the boxes to get you in relaxing spa mood.

The Natura Bissé treatment is called Inhibit Facelift. Not a real facelift naturally. What it does is minimalize fine lines boosted by a cocktail of active ingredients that give an instant effect and transforms the condition of the skin. It clarifies, renews and strengthens the skin while detoxifying at the same time getting rid of dead skin cells to make plenty of room for a healthy surface.

The facial takes an hour and started with the Diamond White rich luxury cleanse that has a balmy texture and smells of lavender. It changes from a gel to an oil and cleanses even the most stubborn make-up. The skin structure improves thanks to the brightening skin complex based on exfoliating pomegranate extract.

The next step is a peeling with a PH value of 3,8 which has a light tingling sensation on the skin but doesn’t irritate. It helps to fade dark spots, minimizes pores and eliminates rough skin and impurities. After that a thin face sheet is applied that contains a cocktail of acids.

Moving forward three different serums are applied, and a gel mask based on hyaluronic acid. The first serum helps to relax the mimic face muscles while the second serum contains molecular placenta. After the last high density lifting effect serum was applied with a depping motion I was so relaxed I nearly dozed off.

Back to reality with plumped and tightened skin, a rosy glow and a big smile on my face. Thank you Babassu for the wonderful treatment. It’s definitely Amanda approved and highly recommendable to everyone looking for that instant effect treatment and transformation of the skin condition.

The Natura Bissé – Inhibit Facelift (60 min|€120)

Babassu Beauty Boutique & Spa
Spuistraat 207 Amsterdam

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