New: Carita Ideal Serums

A drop of serum a day, sure keeps the wrinkles away. With the launch of this new Carita range you can have a fresh start of the day. Hey, even a fresh start of the a new skin regime, and there is something there for everyone. The serum gives an extra boost for dull looking skin and helps it to look and feel more energised. The Carita Ideal Hydration is especially for normal to try skin with a plumping effect. A great thing is that this serum really give the skin a healthy looking glow.

If your skin is sensitive you’ll love the Ideal Douceur. It softens and helps to calm red skin. For oily skin there is Ideal Control, a serum that reduces sebum and helps to narrow the pores. It has a gel texture with a powdery finish that has a mattifying effect.

The serum does not clash with other skincare, therefore can be used under your favorite products.

Tried it and love it.

Carita Serum de Coton 69,15

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