NEW Sleep Plus Dream Body By This Works

Just imagine a skincare that visibly helps to soften the skin while at the same time maximizing your beauty sleep. This works promises to do just that. It contains Amino Acids and Retinol and has a minty freshness for that tingling feeling at first.

Then the  lavender comes through which works soothing on the senses. I’ve had the privilege to experience the deep sleep pillow spray and the sleep balm and I can tell you that they work their magic. I suspect this will work to.

Sleep Plus Dream BodySleep Plus Dream BodySleep Plus Dream Body

A powerful 2-in-1 night cream to de-age skin and promote better sleep.

MODERN: A motion-activated sleep aid and targeted skin treatment in 1 to maximise your beauty sleep. 

NATURAL:  A time-release system  of pure essential oils for sleep with potent skincare actives including Amino Acids and Retinol.

BEAUTY: Wake up feeling refreshed with softer, smoother-looking skin.

Ready for pillow take-off.

THISWORKS is available thru COSMANIA

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