New: The Lifting Contour Serum by La Mer

Winter time calls for pampering the skin. A hydrating mask, a nourishing day & night crème and a face serum that delivers like the new lifting contour serum by La Mer. This miracle worker helps to tighten the skin concentrating on the area around the jawline. It’s a non-sticky crème gel that absorbs quickly. Perfect it you don’t want to have to wait endlessly before applying a crème, an eye serum and so on…

I’ve been testing this product during the festive month by using it on a daily basis and find that my skin looks more refined and feels smoother than usual. The idea is to use it once or twice a day for at least four week to experience the best results, so be a little patient once purchased. If I would recommend it? Yes! (and no one is asking me to do so) If your skin can use a little extra high quality skincare with benefits like collagen stimulation and a tightening and brightening effect during winter time, this lifting contour is definitely worth trying.

The lifting contour serum by La Mer 265 euro

Available from mid-January 2014

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