Niyok Coconut Oil Organic Toothpaste

Just recently I was introduced to Niyok toothpaste. A toothpaste that actually gives you what your skin needs. The main ingredient is coconut oil which works as an anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory agent. It also helps to neutralize tooth decay bacteria and prevent gum diseases.

The toothpaste comes in three different flavors: blood orange & basil, lemongrass & ginger and peppermint & lemon. All three flavors just taste eatable and leaves a fresh breath for hours. Niyok only contains strictly natural, vegan and absolutely non-harming ingredients making it even suitable for children. If it’s up to me I won’t be brushing my teeth with anything else.

Good to know: the tube packaging is made from 50% polyethylene and 50% of chalk (calcium carbonate), which represents a highly-occurring natural resource and making it an excellent source of recyclable and sustainable packaging material. (75 ML | € 6,95)


is also available thru VITAMINSTORE

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