Add a festive touch to any room with glass balloon lamps

Boris Klimek is the designer behind these ceiling and wall light fixtures that look just like balloons.  “Memory” lights are inspired by memories of childhood and are made of opal glass, come in eight different colors, as a ceiling mount or wall mount, and in three sizes. The hanging cord is used for turning on and off lights. The range of colors create different interior atmospheres suitable for anything from a child’s room to a formal dinner party.

glass-balloon-lamps3 glass-balloon-lamps1

glass-balloon-lamps7 glass-balloon-lamps8

glass-balloon-lamps2 glass-balloon-lamps4

glass-balloon-lamps6 glass-balloon-lamps5



Czech Grand Design 2011 / Nomination

EDIDA 2011 / Talent of the Year
TOP LIGHT 2012 / Special prize

By Brokis


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