O.P.I. Malibu Summer 2021 Collection

During the Covid 19 global pandemic, sales of nail polish increased significantly. When we hit an economically challenging period, it’s traditionally been lipstick, an affordable treat, and instant lift, that women have invested in.

But not anymore. During Covid 19, beauty sales, including lipstick, bombed with a global decrease of 20% – 30%. This must partly be connected to face coverings; what’s the point of wearing lipstick that you have to hide behind a mask?   As our faces became more concealed in public, it seems as though hands and nails may have taken over as focal points for personal expression. From a health and safety point of view, we’ve all become hyper-conscious of our hands during the global pandemic, from not touching others to regular cleaning and sanitizing. But, perhaps as a result of all this attention on our hands, nail care has flourished.

With that being said it’s time to get in the summer mood with the Malibu 2021 OPI collection. A collection that is inspired by Malibu with color tones that have catching names, six colorful hues, and six neutral summer browns. There is something there for everyone. Enjoy! (15 ML from €15,95)

O.P.I is available HERE

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