Oolaboo – Mighty Rice Shamp’ Air Hair Freshener

I have shared many articles on dry shampoo as I simply love this on-the-go product. Recently, I tested the mighty rice shamp’ air hair freshener.

Hereby my thoughts: this dry shampoo really makes your hair light weighted and bouncy. Some dry shampoos makes you’re a bit crispy and does not give that ‘just got from the hairdresser’ look. On top, I really like the natural smell; sweet and intense fragrance notes of Tiara flowers. The result is a natural fresh hair scent as this dry shampoo neutralizes undesired odors at the same time.

oolaboo-hair-refeshnerSo if you are in need for a dry shampoo for upcoming fall, try the Mighty rice! For me, this is my favourite dry shampoo so far. (€ 29,45 200 ml)

By Santusha Kana


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