Penhaligons Halfeti Cedar

Whenever Penhaligons launches a new perfume my heart tends to skip a beat. Especially when it comes to the Halfeti collection. Halfeti that was launched in 2015 is one of my signature scents containing grapefruit, leather, oud, amber, musk, and my favorite Tonka bean. The recently launched Halfeti Leather contains dried fruit like prune and citrus fusion but also leather and cardamon making the perfume sweet yet spicy.

New to the Halfeti collection is Halfeti leather, inspired by the black rose, with rum, peach, and saffron in the top, Vanilla, Labdanum, Patchouli, and yes, Tonka Beans in the base. Now you’re probably wondering which is my favorite. That is quite hard to say because all three have resemblances but are totally different. You should really try it for yourself, see how it develops on the skin, and then decide which one suits you best.
(100 ML |€198)


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