Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment + Wrinkle Filler

This isn’t called a high-speed formula for nothing. The Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment that has a gel -like serum texture and promises to deliver visible improvement for an overall natural, more lifted and youthful look where skin is radiant, hydrated, rejuvenated. It has pearl like spheres that will instantly give your skin a natural looking and healthy glow. An overall easy to use product that does not clash with your regular beauty regime which is a great extra, in my opinion. (50 ML | € 119,33)

Wrinkle Shot

Wrinkle Shot promises to immediately and directly help fill facial lines and wrinkles for dramatically smoother, younger-looking skin. Apply this professionally inspired, precision-accurate treatment directly to wrinkles. It delivers a concentrated Tri-Polymer Blend of advanced filling spheres and blurring optics, as well as skin-plumping Sodium Hyaluronate.

The extra benefit is that it creates a smooth base for makeup. Over time, it promises to even help skin amplify its own natural, line-defying collagen for a smoother, firmer, more youthful look. (15 ML | € 61,50)

Estée Lauder is also available thru DE BIJENKORF

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