Perricone MD Launches No Highlighter Highlighter. No Lipgloss Lipgloss.

This season’s approach to beauty is less is more, so most impactful product in your makeup bag is the one nobody can tell you’re wearing: Highlighter. Acting as the secret behind our favorite fresh-skin runway moments for spring, illuminators were dabbed onto the high points of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, bow of the lips, and on the inner corners of the eyes, resulting in the most radiant and natural approach to contouring we’ve seen yet. Fortunately, there are plenty of targeted formulas to try at home this month.
Perricone No Highlighter Hightlighter

Perricone MD’s  No Highlighter Highlighter (€52 | 10ML) uses Vitamin C’s brightening properties to add dimension in all the right places. A I am loving it. You can apply it with your finger on the high points of the cheeks, just below the brow and on the cupid bow.

Perricoen MD Re firm

I have even mixed it was primer and foundation separately. It does work miracles and give the skin an elegant glow. You might want to try the Perricone Re: Firm underneath that enhances and smoothes the skin. Extra benefits are the anti-aging properties and the sublte pearlized effect.

No lipgoss lipgloss Perricone
Enriched with a cocktail of conditioning oils, Perricone MD’s No Lipgloss Lipgloss
(€ 36 | 3,3 gram)  helps to repair and protect your lips while granting a subtle and dewy sheen. SPF 15 wards against the harmful effects of UV rays, while the featherweight formula locks in precious moisture while deflecting free radicals – keeping lips comfortably soft and safe from skin-ageing pollutants.

Beautiful worn alone, it’s also gorgeous layered over No Lipstick Lipstick, or any other lipstick for that matter – creating the illusion of enhanced lip fullness, while boosting the nourishing benefits; simulating a ‘just-bitten’ flush that flatters every single skin tone.


Perricone MD Launches No Highlighter Highlighter & No Lipgloss Lipgloss are also available thru BABASSU

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