Perricone MD Make-up No Make-up Skincare Range

What an amazing thought. Wearing make-up but it’s not actually visible. The first product that launched was the No foundation, foundation. A sheer imperfection erasing liquid. The package deal consists of all kind of Perricone MD make-up NO make-up products. No eyeliner or eyeshadows yet No mascara, mascara which helps to provide a perfect rubber brush that instantly opens up the eyes.

Perricone No Foundation

The no Foundation Foundation Serum is a more matte version. The products I love are the No Bronzer Bronzer, and the No Blush Blush as it really gives skin a healthy glow. The serum can be mixed with the Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer to deepen its color. By doing it works on darker toned skin.

Perricone MD

The very fundamental thread that goes through the entire line of products is anti-aging skincare. It repairs and restore and ensures that the overall look is youthful and fresh. The line is formulated with high pigments that sit lightly on the skin, which can be built up, sculpted, modified, mixed matched and blended to achieve a look that’s healthy and natural looking. Any time of the year…

Perricone Range

PERRICONE MD is available thru BABASSU

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