Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight…ZZZ

Philosophy Miracle Worker: As your skin is resting during the night it can take in so much more ingredients from the nightly skincare you use. The miracle worker works in perfect harmony with your skin’s natural night time rejuvenation cycles and helps, I’ll repeat, helps to visibly reset the age of your skin. It plumps, hydrates and knows how to smooth out your skin.

It promises to make you look like a total fresh babe in the morning. What the miracle ingredients are? Think vitamin –C that helps support natural collagen and an age resetting complex that contains an algae extract that help target age accelerating proteins. Remember that it only addresses the upper layer of the epidermis. The direct effect is definitely the hydrating part as the hydrators lock in moisture giving the word –miracle- a whole new meaning. Fall is here and winter is slowly kicking in so you might want to lock in all the moisture you can get.

Miracle worker overnight | 60 ml –  € 59,94  Miracle worker overnight | 60 ml –  € 59,94

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