Quanis Dermafillers to the rescue

When I was first introduced to the Quanis dermafiller treatment I was quite sceptical. Would this innovative new treatment actually work and do all the extra’s it promises? Think dissolvable micro crystals build on hyaluronic acid that are able to penetrate into the skin leaving it looking dewy, fresh and maybe even a little younger looking. After getting acquainted during a test treatment with dermafiller at Knap Institute I was pleasantly surprised as the results were instantly visible.

Even better, after the professional how to is explained up to the smallest detail you can finish the rest of the treatment at home. This means applying two pads a week up to a month of dermafiller pleasure while it promises to stay visible up to six months.

Should I say more? Okay, I’ll say more. Quanis dermafiller is an advancement when it comes to radiant and younger looking skin without the nasties. If the pads diminish fine lines and give that plumping effect were needed based on Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, there is no telling what the next development might be capable off. That said I will be looking forward to it. I’d love to see more products.

The dermafiller treatment is also available thru: KNAP INSTITUTE 

For more information www.pinkcosmetic.nl

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