Red Carpet Sensation by Addy van den Krommenacker

Red Carpet: During an exclusive lunch with designer Addy van den Krommenacker I had the privilege to get to know Addy a little better and be part of the festive launch of the special holiday season edition of his Red Carpet perfume. He is such a gentlemen and a genuinely nice person. Besides the launch of this glamorous perfume, Addy designed a limited edition clutch to complement the ultimate red carpet feeling.

Red Carpet 1

Inspired by romance we could all dream away into his world for a few hours. What it smells like? Think Bergamot, fresh Mandarin and Oranges in the top, followed by Roses, Mimosa and Ylang Ylang. The cherry on top for me is the twist in the perfume when Tonka bean (my favorite ingredient) Vetiver and Opoponax join in to say Hi. It’s like a warm designer blanket on a very cold day. Subtle, sophisticated and embracing.

Red Carpet launchRed Carpet Perfume

Red Carpet  by Addy van den Krommenacker


Red Carpet from: 30ml 39,95

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