Reflets D’ ete de Chanel – Launch 4th of June 2014

If it’s up to Chanel we’re going to have a bright and candy like summer when it comes to beauty. The idea is to mix, match and mismatch. Time to get in touch with your creative side then. Spice up you look with the orange touch or violet  touch mascara to be used just at the tips of the outer lashes. Add a little eyeshadow in the eyecrease to sparkle your gaze.

Illusion D'Ombre by Chanel € 30,50 Illusion D'Ombre by Chanel € 30,50
Illusion D'Ombre by Chanel € 30,50

When it comes to your summer fashion statement a cocktail of soft fabrics and colourful high shine lipgloss will certainly agree with you.Coordinate or clash for a sweet summer look, the choice is yours.

Le Blush Creme Cheeky € 34,50 Chanel Summer 2014 look

The bronzer blush I like and the nail polish color that is begging to be experimented with is the Eastern Light. A chalky white shade to create a French manicure, or even the reversed French Manicure with sweet lilac or Mirabella.

Inimitable Chanel waterproof mascara €34,50 Chanel Scintillantes € 27,50 Le Vernis Eastern Light € 23,00 Mirabella by Chanel €23,00

Pink Toninc by Chanel € 23,00 Sweet Lilac by Chanel € 23,00 Tutti Frutti by Chanel € 23,00

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