Salle Privée Legal & Illegal Perfume

There is something quite magical about fragrance and scent, and perfume is about so much more than just “smelling good”. Our choice of fragrance shares a little bit of our inner self with the world, from light, floral and joyful, to intense, rich, and seductive, our perfume contributes to leaving a first impression on people never met before, and that’s quite amazing.

SALLE PRIVÉE House of Design was founded in Amsterdam in 2018 by designer duo Anna Hegeman and Patrick Munsters. Get to know the brand HERE
The House of Design launched two new, enigmatic fragrances: Legal and Illegal, an Eau de Parfum, and an Extrait de Parfum. An intoxicating duet of unisex perfumes with vetiver in the base, which emphasizes impulses and challenges the senses. Call it a state of mind.

Legal / Illegal is a set of perfectly matched fragrances. The choice depends on a personal style, mood, or occasion. The two different scents can be adjusted to preference and can also be mixed, which I love. Legal has the color of a light, fresh glass rose. Illegal contains a subtle touch of organic Cannabidiol (CBD). Because both scents are based on vetiver, they can be worn together perfectly.

With each fragrance, a top note of absinthe gives a hint of sweetness, while vetiver anchors the two scents with a sensual smoky base note. Get ready to discover the legal allure of grapefruit, pink pepper, cinnamon, rosemary, and sandalwood, or enjoy the illegal fun
of CBD, ginger, cardamom, cashmere wood, and ambrette seed. Go on, don’t be shy!

LEGAL Eau de Parfum: €190 (100ml) | ILLEGAL Extrait de Parfum: € 260 (100 ml)
SALLE PRIVÉE are available HERE and HERE



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