Interview With Hair Stylist & Creative Director Floor Kleyne @SalonB

I know Floor through her work and hair artistry skills at Salon B academy. I’ve gotton to know Floor a little better due to our project for the (cover) shoot for the book: “ On Top” by Anna Nooshin. After meeting up at the academy where Floor shared her skills, (and where I picked her brain) I thought it was time for an interview.

AR: How long have you been a hair stylist and why is this profession so appealing to you?

FK: I can’t remember precisely since when I became a hairstylist, since is such a natural thing for me to do know, but I guess it must have been around my 19th that I started, so that’s almost 13 years now. It truly makes me happy to work with material that has such an impact to someones appearance, because it’s the first thing you’ll notice about someone, as soon as you look at their face. And because it has such an impact on the outside, you might be able to imagine how big of an impact the right hair can make to someones inside.

AR: How long have you been the creative director at Salon B?

FK: I have officially been Salon B’s creative director for a year now. Before that I’ve been doing a lot of other things (education and management mostly) for Salon B, since I have been working here for 8 years. I love education and management, but being creative, inspiring others and creating concepts is my biggest passion.


AR: You mentioned that you’ve worked at haute couture en pret-à-porter shows in Paris, what was your best show so far where you could put all your creativity into?

FK: Wow, that’s a good one. There have been so many shows and a lot of them were special for different reasons. I guess from all the shows Gucci and Givenchy were always really cool because they are such big names, with 40 topmodels and great hair and make up. Also really challenging. But on the other hand it can be better sometimes when a designer is not really famous yet, so he ‘s still more experimental with hair. A great example of that is Cedric Charlier. I do his show every season now, and the hair is always really new with a strong look and feel.

AR: I know you love hair updo’s and braids. What are your favourite hairstyles for long hair and short hair?

FK: Yes, so true. I’m a really big fan of long hair and exploring all the edges of working with it. But short hair can really make difference to someones appearance if you do it the right way. So either way can be beautiful. I don’t really have ‘ all time’ favorites when it comes to looks, because I always love to look at the options I have with the hair that I have before me and creativity and individuality make sure that it’s something new every time.

Besides that: every season I have a couple of looks or obsessions with hair and the ones that are in my mind right now are:

– 70’s curls: it takes a balls to wear them, because it’s fluffy and big, but looooove them. – Hairstyling that’s inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow ‘s persona Margot Tenenbaum (The royal Tenenbaum): really retro and a bit nerdy with a moody twist. Really fun!

AR: If you’re starting out as a hairdresser / stylist, what are the most important things to keep in mind when on the job?

FK: First of all make sure you know who you want to be as a hairstylist and what kind of hair you want to make. As a result of that your clients will pick you for that kind of hair, so you’ll never have to do hair that is not your thing.

Second : always custom make haircut, -do’s and colours. There is nothing fun about doing the same thing over and over again.

Third : education is the key to staying happy in your job, inspiring yourself and others around you.

AR: Which hair styling products would you recommend that are easy to work with an give great results?

FK: Naturally on number “ One ” are our own products. Since last year Salon B has their own brand called The Insiders and the first line is “Undone”, a line that is especially made for messy, perfectly imperfect hair. Teaser styling dust is one of the product of that line and it’s really good: it gives your hair that oomph of backcombing, without actually doing it. Another one of my favorites is Potion 9 by Sebastian: it’s a wearable treatment that fits everyone, because they have a normal and a light version. It contains protein and treats your hair as a mask does, but you can wear it as a primer.

AR: Are you working on any exciting new hair projects you want to share with the world?

FK: After a lot of work we hope to share the new line of products for The Insiders with the world really soon. And I’m in the middle of creating big plans for our academy (B academy). It’s something really great and new that will make hair education and our academy even more special and inspiring :).

AR: Fall/winter 2015 is just around the corner. What are the hair trends for the coming season we should try at least once?

FK: If you’re a daredevil and open to anything the buzzcut (supershort pixie cut) is your new world: i saw it @ Christopher Kane. It’s something new I see among models and I’m really curious to see if this one is going to be big. A lot of designers are inspired by granny, but in a really edgy and eclectic way. This is a really adventurous trend that is quite easy to wear by putting your hair in a really messy French twist and pimp it with fun accessories.

AR: Now a little about you. Which products do YOU use to keep your hair in tiptop shape?

FK: I absolutely love prepping products; sprays that work as a primer for your hair, detangle and feed your hair with vitamins. Some great ones I love are:

– Potion 9 Lite by Sebastian

– Prep by Bumble & Bumble


AR: Is there anything you want to do or accomplish?

FK: I love to work with people that give me energy because of their passion and being able to create is something that makes me really happy. The combination of those two make me feel great. Next to that I adore the Olsen Twins and their look, so being their hairdresser is on my secret bucketlist :).

AR: What’s your secret as a juggling mom? Reminding me of “I don’t know how she does it” with Sarah Jessica Parker?

FK: Whaha, I sure do :). I’m sorry to tell you, buit I have a secret weapon that is really rare: my husband! He’s a self-chosen stay at home dad and an awesome one. Without him I couldn’t do all this.

AR: Where are you in five years from now?

FK: Working on Mary Kate Olsens hair, hahaha! I absolutely have no idea, but i hope to still work with all the talented and sweet people I have around me right now.

AR: What does your bucket list look like?

FK: Working with nice people with passion is really important to me and I have a pretty cool list of artist, models and other individuals that I would love to cut and next to that: That the whole world would rock their hairstyles because of “The Insiders” products in their bathroom.

Find Floor Kleyne here  | Instagram: floorkleyne


Photo2: Maxime Cardol, styling: Maaike Jansen, make up: Colourfool agency, Hair: B academy class CHS by Floor Kleyne
Photo1,3,4:  Photo: Dilani Butink, Hair: Salon B
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