Review Sisley Cellulinov Intensive Anti-Cellulite Body Care

This intensive Anti-Cellulite body care was launched in April 2014 and thought I would take the opportunity to test Cellulinov over a longer period of time to see the if the results were as good as I hoped for. What is it? An innovative beauty treatment that combats the appearance of cellulite to smooth and renew the skin. Now here comes the tricky part. I don’t have cellulite! Yet a product that promises to enhance and firm the skin is always welcome. And not only welcome, if it’s up to me it’s here to stay. Cellulinov is nourishing and highly concentrated while the texture is rich and creamy. Hey, and if I do seem to have a dimple or two I didn’t notice earlier it will be smoothed and faded while going along. Let’s aim for a smooth looking summer shall we?

Sisley Cellulinov Sisley Cellulinov Sisley Cellulinov

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