Sisleÿa Lotion De Soin Essentielle Followed By My Favorite Sisley Products

Sisley is an expert when it comes to skincare for mature skin. Not only fine lined are diminished, the products also help to target deep wrinkles. There is a whole wardrobe for you to choose from. Before I get into my favorite skincare products I need to share the launch of a new and lovely product with you. It’s called Sisleÿa Lotion de Soin (150 ml/ €122).

Sisleya Lotion de soin Sisleya Lotion de soin

A lotion with active ingredients and antioxidants that primes the skin to make  it more receptive to your skincare products. I had the privilege to test this product for you, and it might be another step towards your daily Flawless Face, it works plumping and radiance miracles on the skin. I haven’t stopped using it ever since. Skincare with benefits, just as we like it. Use it daily to see the smoother and firmer skin smile at you in the mirror. It works on all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Sisley Supremya YeuxSisleÿa Lotion

After the lotion I’ve been using Sisleÿa  Global anti-age ( 50 ml /€ 330). One of my favorite skincare products for day and night. It helps to recover the skin, and is packed with a cocktail of benefits to keep youthful skin. I follow this ritual by using the Supremÿa Yeux anti-aging eye serum for the night. It intensly tightens and firms the skin, and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. (15 ml / € 204) Wouldn’t know what to do without it.



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