SWEET ROSE Perfume by Rosendo Mateu

Being a “Maitre Parfumeur” after working in the industry for 45 years, (from which only a few in Europe) since 2010 Rosendo Mateu developed his own brand by creating five fragrances from number one to five under his own label. In all of the fragrances, only the best raw materials are used and I do believe you can actually smell the purity of the ingredients. You can read all about my favorites from this collection HERE.

The new Black collection has been developed in collaboration with his son Joan too, after the great success of his first collection, positioning the brand to a higher perfumery segment. The black collection contains three perfumes with a high concentration of 25% and created with raw materials from around the world: incense wood, fresh oud, and sweet rose from which I had the privilege to get my nose into.

Rosendo Mateu – Sweet Rose

My favorite is the sweet rose. At the top, you will find natural Bergamot from Calabria and citric notes. Yum! In the middle, you’ll find woody notes, Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Vetiver to give it that spicy note.

The sweetness comes from strawberries, passion fruit, and berries. I love the fact that it gives the Sweet Rose perfume a whirl of fruitiness and freshness at the same time, making it not your average rose perfume but one that stands out proud. Addictive, extraordinary, and everything you could wish for in a beautiful rose perfume with a high concentration.
(100 ML | €245)

ROSENDO MATEU is available thru AAFKES

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