The Future of make-up artistry from an 1.5 metres distance point of view– make-up interview Elles Nijkamp

What does the future for make-up artists behold? How would  you possibly hold 1.5 metres (two arms lengths) away from each other? During the outbreak of Covid-19 I met Elles thru WhatsApp, as I was added to the private WhatsApp group she put together for professional make-up artists to be able to ventilate, share thoughts, fears and ideas about “how to” work after the intelligent lockdown.

It goes without saying that make-up artists are used to work within ½ a meter just as most contact professions such a hairdressers and beauticians. The new normal will asks for a lot of creativity and forward thinking.

I took the initiative to interview, share thoughts and ideas from fellow make-up artists with you, because it’s really interesting to what they have to say. As most of us with contact professions are back in the game from the 11th of May 2020, I will keep you updated about the most effective work methods while at the “face to face” job. But first, come and meet Elles.

Photo credits: Yvette Kulkens Photography

Tell us about you. How long have you been a make-up artist? What is your line or artistry work? (client type, productions, type of shoots)

My name is Elles Nijkamp and I have been working as a Hair and Make-up artist for decades. I always had the ambition to make the world a bit more beautiful and started doing so at a very young age. Aesthetics, beauty, balance and the love for beauty in its most authentic form is what I stand for. Who my customers are? I can’t talk about that … but I can tell you that I also work for magazines, commercial campaigns, fashion campaigns and personal hair and make-up for a broad range of clientèle. In addition, I teach women to realize a radiant 10-minute make-up in my Make-up Masterclasses.

Have you been able to work (from a distance) during these past couple of months?

I wasn’t able to perform my work in its traditional form due the 1.5 meter distance. That didn’t stop me for one second, as being creative is the root of my profession. I have been working hard behind the scenes. Building my own private label Make-up brushes “ Favorites by Elles Nijkamp” launching them came with quite some challenges, but I am very proud of the outcome, affordable top notch Make up brushes that sets up every woman with just the right set of tools to get that perfect look. I was able to continue making women happy with Zoom Masterclass sessions.

 What is the first thing you’re going to do when you’re able to go back to work?

Can’t wait to get started, but in a responsible manner. Explaining on forehand to my customers how we will be working together.  A roadmap for our safety. After all, the virus is still there. This set of works by collaborating, being  sensible and having hygiene & our safety as a top priority.

How does the future for make-up artists look from your point of view? 

I firmly believe that the future is makeable and at the same time so very fragile. I also believe good hygiene, trust and clarity is the key whether customers will be wanting to work with you or not, you have to be transparant. Apart from your creative performance of course, because that is your signature. But the future is always bright.

What is your main concern?

That everyone honestly fills in the checklist that we will apply in advance.

Are you willing to wear mouth masks, a face shield and cloves, or are you thinking of a different approach when you go back to work?

I am exploring a wide range of possibilities and solutions. For example in addition to clean tools, you can work with the customer own products. Or work with intermediate stations with a sterile plate that lay out the product, so that it does not contaminate your entire collection. A lot of hygiene hygiene, hygiene…

Do you have any advice for fellow make-up artist that are struggling with regards to the future?

Yes, I understand that it is not easy to start or execute this beautiful profession in these challenging times. But stay curious, keep developing and investing in yourself, how can you work be perfected and more hygienically. Never lose sight on your own believe and creativity.

Everyone always wants to know this. What are your three favorite beauty products you can’t live without?

Seriously, can I just name three? I have so many fantastic items that I work with!

First of all My Favorites by Elles Nijkamp, every woman just has to have a good set of brushes! 🙂

-Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusion Serum.

-NARS Motu Tone Face Palette, bring it on!


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