Sisley Tropical Spirit and a little Phyto -Touche Illusion d’ été

Highlighter rules. That subtle sheen on the high points of the cheekbones really gives the skin a healthy glow and a subtle lift. The phyto-touche illusion is much more than that. The gel powder texture helps to bring dull-looking skin back to life in a single brush stroke. Because of the gel-like texture  you can apply it subtle, it won’t leave your skin looking orange and it  stays fresh throughout the day.

To twist up your spirit, give the new Sisley Tropical Spirit look a go. The pearl, gold, burgundy and stardust eye shadow are soft focus and easy to apply colors. Add some definition with the pencils which are blendable and finish it off with a hint of lipgloss for your personal tropical fairy tale.

Tropical Spirit

Available from March 2014


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