Unwash. The new clean…

The new California-based brand, Unwash, is challenging the idea of the conventional washing –and-conditioning. They believe that washing your hair with shampoo strips the hair of nutrients and moisture that cannot simply be ‘restored’ with a conditioner.

The bio-cleanser conditioner, the anytime, de-grime non-strip cleanser conditioner replaces the shampoo and cleans the hair without build-up and locks in natural oil and color.

Brandon Schwartz, Director of Marketing, explains that hair doesn’t have the same reparative properties as skin. Over time, detergents can flake away and dry out the hair shaft and cuticle, leading to dry, lifeless, brittle hair. Hair needs natural oils to keep itself moisturized, protected, smooth and shiny.

On a biological level, this is what our bodies have evolved to do naturally. Overuse of shampoo and detergents goes against your skin’s and hair’s natural evolution. There’s no reason to strip everything out and then simply put some of it back in with conditioner. There’s a more civilized way to cleanse the hair, while maintaining the natural oils that keep hair smooth, protected, moisturized, shiny and amazing!

Next to the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner there is the accompanying Anti-Residue Rinse and Hydrating Masque, designed for less frequent use. When you feel you need to remove build-up from heavy styling, you can use the Anti-Residue Rinse once a while followed by the Hydrating Masque to maintain the hair’s moisture balance.


By Santusha Kana




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