Valmont Prime Renewing Pack & Just Time Perfection

After the presentation of the renewed beauty icons I am hooked. Did you know that  every 15 minutes somewhere in the world a Valmont Prime Renewing Pack  is sold? You’re probably wondering what’s the catch. It’s a skin booster for fast skin renewal making the results instantly visible. The anti- aging ingredients triple DNA stimulate the essential functions of the skin while it also restores damaged skin cells. The effect is amazingly vivid. Skin looks fresh and lively. And that’s just after one night. Can’t wait to see  what my skin looks like in a week or two. The Prime Renewing Pack comes in a festive golden wrap inspired by Diamonds to celebrate its 30th birthday.

The Just Time Perfection is a concentrated anti-aging daytime skincare with color perfection pigments that address aging skin. It contains an SPF25 and acts as a tinted day crème with golden particles but can also be used under a foundation. The texture is soft and easy to mix, and also works well together with other products from your regular skincare regime. Just Time Perfection which will be launched in april 2014.

Valmont Prime Renewing Just Time Perfection 30 ml 162,70

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