Vlieger & Van Dam Heavy Metal spring 2014 collection #Vliegervandam

As a huge fan of Vlieger & Vandam bags I was happily surprised with the look and feel of this new spring collection. Bright colors, hand printed splashes of paint in black and gold with contrasting colors. The two tone bag with the integrated chains are stylish and easy to wear to finish of your look, and not to forget the Guardian angel signature bags in new colors and shapes. I am all for ‘the heavy metal’ collection and might not even wait for spring to arrive to get in the spring state of mind.  I have a new favorite. What’s yours?

Vlieger Van Dam Metal Bull 399,00 Vlieger Van Dam Red 449,00

Vlieger Van Dam Balckbull 795,00 Vlieger Van Dam Metal Bull 795,00

Vlieger Van Dam Yellow Black 364,00  Vlieger Van Dam Yellow 449,00


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