Why we love Manuka New Zealand honey so much

Manuka New Zealand honey is the Rolls Royce of honey and is ready to boost your health throughout the year. This exclusive gold is known for its medicinal and healing properties and has several products based on this raw honey. From Manuka candy which I love when I have a sore throat to spooning a.k.a. eating it straight from the jar or, adding it to my tea. Then you have the toothpaste that looks after your gums and whitens your teeth. The cream soap bar is a real treat and keeps your hands soft due to Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Sweet Almond, and New Zealand’s unique MGO 100.

Compared to regular honey, manuka honey looks a little darker and thicker yet the taste is amazing. Manuka New Zealand honey is expensive because it’s pretty rare in the world. It only grows in one place in the world, and it’s subject to poor weather conditions that can impede its bloom. As manuka honey has such potent health benefits as improving your digestive symptoms, the beauty industry is vying for it. Time to get acquainted.

MANUKA HONEY is available HERE

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