This Works – Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil

As the summer is coming closer and the temperature allows us to show our legs again, it is the time of the year again to ensure proper hydration and care for our legs! Dark skin looks dryer as skin peels are more visible on our skin.  In some cases, normal bodylotion absorbes immediately leaving the legs dry right after lunch time.

 Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil 2Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil 2

This week I bumped into a new product: the Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil of This Works. This deeply hydrating, natural body oil, especially developed to treat dry legs, has a high concentration of a 100% natural mix of 9 exotic oils and 7 vegetable oils with among others anti-aging oil of roses, tuberose, sendalwood and evening-primrose. The rich concentration also works perfectly for dry elbows, knees and shine-bones leaving your skin silky, recovered and deeply hydrated.

The Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil is awarded by InStyle Magazine UK (Best Body Oil), Image Magazine (UK, Winner Best Body Oil) and the Beauty Bible Anti-Ageing Award Winner (UK). Well recommended!

By Santusha Kana

Exclusively available in the Netherlands thru COSMANIA




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