Xerjoff Rose Gold & Amber Gold Perfume

Ever since I was introduced to Xerjoff’s delicate and high-end perfumes, I am hooked. You can read all about my obsession with the exquisite Rose Musk & Amber Musk perfume duo HERE.

New to the collection and my perfume wardrobe is the Xerjoff Rose Gold & Amber Gold. You can mix Amber Gold and Rose Gold to create your own individual composition perfume or wear them on their own. The Rose Gold is truly something else, due to the Bulgarian Rose, the Patchouli from Indonesia, and then the unexpected Geranium. It’s as intoxicating as gets…

The Amber Gold on the other hand has a freshness around it due to the tangerine and orange flower, which I love. It takes a sturdy turn with the almond blossom, musk, and tobacco flower. A composition with depth I am sure you will love. By the way; this is again one of those perfumes where strangers come up to me to ask me what I am wearing because it’s so intoxicating and addictive.

Amber Gold contains tangerine, coriander, orange flower, tobacco flower,
almond blossom, patchouli, musk, amber

Rose Gold contains Bulgarian rose, Egyptian geranium, Indonesian patchouli,
amber, musk, bud

The two fragrances come together and are perfect to layer yet just as beautiful on their own. They come in a timeless coffret creating a yin and yang-like effect. (2 x 50 ml EDP | € 650,00)




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