Find the right blush color for you, today!

I am obsessed with blush, because it makes everyone look healthier and more beautiful. I love to use a blush after applying foundation. It gives the skin that perfect rosy glow we are always looking for. When I find the perfect colour for you, you won’t need much more during daytime!

One of the repeated questions I tend to hear during events is: How do I find the right blush colour for my skin tone? To answer this question I decided to write a short guideline.

If you have a – Look for:

Porcelain complexion – Pale pink or apricot
Fair complexion – Nude pink tones
Medium complexion – Brownish pink
Tan complexion – Brownish rose, with a hint of red
Olive complexion- Plum, Golden Brown
Dark complexion – Deep Bronze or Deep reddish tones

Still not convinced? Let me know, and I will find the perfect blush for you!


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