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Olio Lusso, composed of an aromatic blend of eleven essential oils, is derived from flowers and other botanicals- each one known for its skin-soothing, softening and glow-giving properties. Blended together, they leave the skin looking and feeling instantly supple, radiant and hydrated.

It is a skin scent that is chemical free, and makes your skin the best it can be naturally. This product is great to use as an instant glow on the face, just before using foundation.

Linda Rodin1  Linda Rodin2

Linda Rodin’s story:

After 40 years working as a stylist and editor in the fashion industry, woking behind the scenes at fashionshoots and t.v. commercials, she became privy to the most sought after beauty products that her industry had to offer. She spent over a year creating Olio Lusso. After testing the product on a select group of make-up artists, models, and celebrities, the word spread quickly. Now her face and body oil is available for women who are looking for beautiful skin that conveys a sense of well being.

Olio Lusso face oil    Olio Lusso body oil   Rodin skincare total

Rodin olio Lusso makes you look and feel flawless. It brightens the skin, and gives a fabulous glow. A hydrating oil! She also launched a quick and easy lipbalm.


Skins Institute, Amsterdam 020 -6251811

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