A solution for every hair type: MEDICEUTICALS

A healthy solution for every hair type or hair problem: MEDICEUTICALS

Many women buy all kind of products in order to create voluminous and long hair…However; many forget that the growth comes from your scalp instead of the length of your hair. I am excited to give you a peek in my life when it comes to my hair rituals and knowledge.

Short intro…

To give you a short intro, I cut a bob four years ago.. My hair grew slowly and as one thing led to another and I started with Nioxin for a healthy scalp and hair. Four years later my hair is over shoulders and beyond. It is straight, thicker and stronger than ever! And now..

My hairdresser told me something big is coming up but she could not tell me what. Later she asked me to become a model for this new hair brand that outreached the technology of Nioxin: MEDICEUTICALS. I was very honored and excited at the same time!  Last Thursday I went to my hairdresser for a new haircut and color and I experienced the ‘Healthy Hair Solutions’ treatment for the first time!

The ‘Healty Hair Solutions’ treatment takes 10 minutes and contains the following steps:                                                                                                                                    
1. Vivid Puryfing Shampoo
2. Volume Hair-Repair
3. Strength Protect & Repair Treatment
4. Mois-cyte Hydrating Therapy Conditioner
5. Final Finish Lite Acidifying Rinse Conditioner

My experience with Purifying Shampoo                                                                     
After washing my hair, my hair felt really really tough! “Don’t worry, that is how your hair should feel after it’s clean, free of toxins and all”. So basically, after using shampoo your hair should not feel soft. This shampoo contains a natural anti-oxidant that regulates the PH-value of both your scalp and hair and is especially suitable if you are on medicines or medical treatments.

My experience with the Therapy Conditioner                                                        
My hairdresser gave me a drop of the conditioner in my hand and asked me to rub it. Funny, after a few seconds the conditioner totally disappeared and there was not a moistly layer on my hand. “What does it tell you?”, my hairdresser asked me…. I really had to think hard..
“Well, it means it is 100% absorbed by your hand and also by your scalp! And that is exactly what a conditioner should do!”

I asked my hairdresser: “How is it possible that a product can volume your hair? I mean..it is not possible that hair becomes thicker!”.  She laughed and said: “Well yes, this expands diameter of your hair and stays up to five hair washes. Well you can understand that I almost jumped up and down to see the result of this!
And then a product that stops hair damage and break down in 120 seconds? Can it get any crazier? I can go on and on.

Well, I bought all five products since you can do this treatment at home. I will share my diary with u about Mediceuticals and the development and changes of my hair growth and condition.

About Mediceuticals

Mediceuticals Laboratories is a certified pharmaceutical research company specialized in professional scalp and hair treatments.

Mediceuticals products for thinning hair and intensive scalp treatments come from extensive research by specialized dermatologic scientists.
Mediceuticals scientists have been able to put the most save and effective products for extensive hair loss to market by combining pharmaceutical techniques with natural methods of treatment. All Mediceuticals products are manufactured in FDA laboratories and contains of pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical water.


By Santusha Kana

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