A different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins by Clinique

A glossy, long-wear nail enamel that won’t irritate sensitive eyes or skin. It’s quick drying and formulated so your eyes won’t itch, burn, or water when you apply it to your nails. 

Since nail polish can be an allergen source–one that can even cause a skin rash, Clinique launched the first nail polish especially for those with sensitive skin. You touch your eyes 200 times a day, therefore these rashes happen more often than you think.

Clinique Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skins | 9ml €16

This nail laquer line includes a permanent 12 color collection, and a limited edition ‘pop color’ collection for summer 2013. Find classic pinks and reds, and even Black Honey, one of Clinique’s cult favourite Almost Lipstick tint. The LE collection has bright neon colors which I like.

The press release doesn’t specifically say that the polishes do not contain any chemicals, but does assert that the formula will “minimize” allergic reactions. It took Clinique six years to develop it and it’s been tested by both dermatologists and
ophthalmologists. Sounds good enough for me.

Clinique Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skins | 9ml €16



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