A lab On Fire – L’ Anonyme ou OP – 1475 -A | WWDIPIS | Sweet Dreams 2003

Olivier tends to like contradictions as he makes perfume with a minimum of sophistication and as he proclaims to  juggle with paradoxes. He was born into a family of perfumers. One fine day he arrived in a labaratory for perfume training. He completed his training in raw materials by trying out composition on the side, more from curiuosity than anything else but without much confidence.

He then still had little reality about perfumery. Reality caught up with him while working in New York. He met the man who made Emporio Armani white for men: Carlos Benaim, and here he discoved the ins and outs of of perfumery. Years later he developed his own:
L’ Anonyme ou OP – 1475 -A

For Olivier perfume remains something that primarily created in the mind, more than anything else.


Notes: Top– Bergamot | Mid – Geranium | Base – Blonde Woods, White Amber, Suede Leather

What We Do In Paris Is Secret (WWDIPIS)
The nose behind WWDIPIS is the famous Dominique Ropion. With his knowledge of French perfumes and his ability to create versatile fragrance Dominique Ropion influences many perfume projects. Ropion’s witty spirit often brings surprising twists to perfumes. With “What We Do Is Secret In Paris” he goes one step further and reveals what happens behind the skills of a perfumer, the secret to it’s very soul.


What We Do Is Secret In Paris is a warm and textured fragrance.
Notes: Top – bergamot, honey, lychee |  Middle – Turkish Rose essence, vanilla, heliotrope | Base – tonka bean, tolu, sandalwood, ambergris

Sweet Dreams 2003
Thierry Wasser created ‘Sweet Dreams’ . He invented one of his most precious creations and left it behind with a friend in New York, just before trying his ‘perfumer’ luck in Paris. Sweet Dreams 2003 is a tribute to an even better life. A bottled version of the moments we crave so much: On a beach, dozing in the sun, with the murmur of the Mediterranean sea in the background. Now we can all relive that moment thanks to the art of a perfumer.


Sweet Dreams 2003 is a fresh, classic scent.
Notes:  Top – bergamot, neroli, petitgrain |  Mid – Orange blossom, jasmine |  Basic – musk, amber, castoreum

60 ml spray € 110

My favorite : L’ Anonyme ou OP – 1475 -A  

Changing minds about the way we smell…

Get insprired : www.alabonfire.com

 Available thru www.skins.nl from july 2012

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