Column: A make- up artistry challenge.. a must read.

I was asked what my biggest make-up challenge was in my makeup artistry career up to now. It’s not the runway shows, the workshops, fashion shoots or artistry for television, or providing make-up for celebrities.

The greatest challenge I have ever had was providing a one – on – one master class session for a blind lady. She lost her eyesight about ten years ago but knows exactly what her face looks like and wanted to professionalize her skills. She showed me which skills she had. All I had to do was add, I thought.

I couldn’t give her a mirror to ask her what she thinks after each step. Nor could I teach her the perfect smokey eye where blending and perfecting is key. What I could do is really get in there. Not just hear, but really listen to what she had to say.

The next, and most challenging part was imagining that I was the blind person. I taught her what she could apply with her fingers, where to apply and where to stop. I explained which colors suited her best and why. She didn’t need a mirror, my fingers where her mirror for 1,5 hour. After the session she actually cried because she was so grateful and felt I really understood what she wanted.  She knew she looked beautiful because we connected and did this together.

It got me thinking; If someone without eye sight is so determined to look better and feel beautiful, we could all learn from that. Make-up should help nature a little to provide a better version of you. Don’t have the time? Nonsense. Make the time in the morning. I shouldn’t take more than 10 – 15 minutes for you to be smiling at your reflection in mirrors all day. Because you probably can. If you don’t have the skills, practise a little more or seek professional advise. Most of all, have fun while doing it.

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