Aesop – Geranium leaf body scrub

I am a huge fan of Aesop. The packaging, the nourishing products. It really gets to me in a positive way. Now, Aesop launched my new morning favorite. The new body exfoliating with Geranium. The Geranium leaf body scrub will hydrate your skin and get rid of dead skin cells. The ingredients are less aggressive on the skin than scrub particles such as Apricot or nut kernels.

Geranium Leaf Body Scrub has one primary function: to deep cleanse. Scrub particles effectively exfoliate the surface of the skin while the low-foaming lather allows the grime and dead surface cells to be rinsed away effortlessly. It contains extracts with disinfecting properties to detoxify, and is ideal post waxing or shaving to help prevent ingrown hairs.

How to? Apply once a week in the shower. Massage onto skin in circular strokes to smooth rough skin. Then rinse.

EUR 29.00
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