Age defense BB cream SPF 30 by Clinique…Yes indeed another BB cream

Clinique has also launched their version of the BB cream. Popular by demand in Asia, and from juni  2012 available in the Netherlands. As you all know by now the BB cream works as an everything –in –one cream . Nourishes, camouflages, and adapts to the skin tone. This version comes in three colors, from 1 to 3, for pinkish to golden undertones, and I hope they will launch more colors soon.

Nr. 3 is a the darkest and is recommended for a fair to medium skin tone. The texture is nice and very blendable but if you have a darker toned skin this might not work unless you mix two different tones, to avoid any kind of ashy undertone.

I will not bore you too much with the detailed ingredients  but I can ashore you that if all the ingredients work as they should you’ll be happy with the SPF 30, the Vitamin E, as this powerful antioxidant protects the skin from harmful influences.

The caffeine extract calms the skin, has a skin stimulating effect and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.
Before rushing off to get any kind of BB cream I suggest sampling several kinds, and try them separately for a few days. Then choose your multifunctional beauty product.


Available from june 2012

 PS: From november 2012  the BB cream will be available thru

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