Aloxxi introduces an unique technology in haircare

Weak, brittle or dull hair? An apple a day is enough to your hair back in shape! Aloxxi is the first brand that introduces apple stem cell technology in hair care products. Due to this innovative technolgoy the shampoo and conditioner give colored hair more vitality and elasticity with a beautiful shiny, healthy color as result!

Research shows that the Swiss Uttwiler Spatlauber apples have the ability to cure itself – in contrast to other apples that dehydrate – due to the unique stem cells. The unique mix of 10 antioxidants and vegatable ingredients in the Aloxxi shampoo and conditioner results in healthy and strong hair and gives a volume boost. Next, the phyto-nutrients, proteins and long-living cells protects against UV and oxidative stress.

Just colored your hair for the Holidays? You really might want to try Aloxxi. Nice to know that the founder of O.P.I. George Schaeffer is also the CEO of Aloxxi. He wanted to expand his passion for color beyond the nail industry and it looks like he succeeded.

The new Aloxxi shampoo and conditioner are available at the high-end hair salons.


By Santusha Kana

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