Angel by Thierry Mugler is back!

It actually pretty hard to remember that I wore this perfume ages ago. Pretty strong and oriental, a perfume you liked or you hated. Now 20 years later an Eau de Toilette is launched.

Why?  Because we are woman and we change. Thierry wants to take us back to that nostalgic time. The Angel eau de toilette is a new perfume, whith the same facets, but with different ingredients. Think pink pepper, cedar wood and white musc.

If you did’nt like the Angel you will love this new creation. If you were, just like me, in love with Angel at the time, you’ll probably fall in love all over again.


It comes in two refillable sizes:

 Refillable 40ml € 60,-
 Refillable 80ml € 86,-
 Refill Bottle 40ml € 39,-

Launch from the of August 2011

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