ANNA + NINA’s Jewellery & Curiosities Store in Amsterdam

If you know me personally you’ll know that I have a little something for arm candy. And that’s an understatement. If you like an arm candy or two, you’ll love this shop. ANNA + NINA import fine jewellery brands from abroad and have opened a brand new shop.

You’ll find brands such as Jewel Rocks from Bali, Holst + Lee from New York, Ela Stone from Paris and more fine brands from America, England and Denmark. They sell exotic flowers, hand-painted China and framed butterflies. The shop sells basically everything except a lot of clothing and focuses on art, interior and of course jewelry from art-deco to vintage inspired.

The collection is affordable and you’ll be able to find the best gifts. When you’re at it, treat yourself to a coffee, and good to know, they have WIFI. The store is opened from 10.00 – 18.00.

Gerard Doustraat 94
1072 VX Amsterdam
T: 020 – 2044532 |

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