F + Beauty Anna Sui by Andrew Bolton

Anna Sui by Andrew Bolton

Anna Sui’s trendsetting rock and roll look have made her one of fashion’s most beloved designers. In the first book to cover the impressive scope of Sui’s career, you’ll get a glimpse into the creative process behind each of Sui’s boldly patterned and accessorized collections.

With more than 400 color images shot by legendary photographers and most insightful season by season analysis from fashion authority Andrew Bolton.

“Anna Sui is an incredible friend and a true inspiration to the world of fashion. I hope her concepts and designs live forever – Naomi Campbell

Anna says:” I’m told that as early as four years old, I talked about becoming a fashion designer. My first vivid memory of wanting to be a designer was triggered by an article in Life magazine about two girls who, moved to Paris where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton opened a boutique for them. I recall even more vividly the moment when I decided to present my first runway collection. It was in the fall of 1990, and I was in Paris to see the fashion shows with Steven Meisel…..”


“I love seeing Anna’s shows and the world she creates – so unique to her. They are beautiful feminine, and fun, always true to her style and what she loves”- Sofia Coppola

This book is a beautiful, inspiring essential for all fashion lovers.


 Anna Sui’s book is available at www.abc.nl

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