Anti-aging sun protection by Sensai Silky Bronze

The Japanese premium brand Sensai Silky Bronze by Kanebo combines UVA/UVB sun protection with extraordinary anti-aging characteristics.

What can you expect?

Ultimate hydrated skin before, during and after sunning while the exclusive Koishimaru Silk makes your skin feel silky soft. Sensai 5 days concentrate treatment This special treatment starts with a high SPF in the first five days of your vacation.

Why? In these first days, the risk for a burnt skin and dehydration is the highest. By protecting your skin with a high factor for these fice days, you are able to switch to a lower factor afterwards (SPF 10, 20 or 30).

The results? Your skin is in an excellent condition and has ultimate protection for a flawless tanned complexion! The line has two products for body and face: Sun Protective Cream for Face and Sun Protective Spray for Body. Both products consist of refined anti-aging formulas that protect the body against UVA/UVB without leaving a trace.

Soothing after sun emulsion and soothing after sun mask are both provided Silk Extract and Kanzo Extract that is used in the Chinese herbology. This formula enlightens the skin immediately and prevents the skin from peeling while hydrating at the same time.


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