By request: Make-up for Asian skin

Which shades work well on Asian skin? Asian skin tends to be smooth and poreless with yellow undertones. See below for some tips & tricks that might help.

Foundation should definately have yellow tones in it. Try mixing a color with a yellow undertone with a shade that is slightly warmer to get the color that works best with your skin.

Lashes, which tend to be short or straight, should be curled with an eyelash curler. Asian eyes need definition. Line the upper and the lower lids in black, purple or plum, and smudge. This opens up and draws attention to them.

Eye shadow colors should be dark gray, deep brown and sheer pale shades. As Asian skin tends to have dark circles under the eyes, be careful lining the lower lid. It will only draw much more attention to the circles. If you prefer lining the lower lid, blend just a little more than you would on the upper lid.

Eyebrows should be defined and darkened with a brow pencil. Make sure the brow pencil is a shade lighter than the color of the brows.

Plums with brown, red or mauve undertones work beautifully for lips. Sheer pinks are right if skin tone is pale. Earth tones corals work well and, of course, a rich, bright red is right when glamour is the top priority.

Generally, these shades work well for Asian skin types: Sheer, beiges, pinks, plums, brown plums, bright reds, deep reds, pink mauves, mauves. Avoid strong pinks and oranges on the lips – they make you look hard. Light brown will make the skin look muddy.

Asian skin Asian skin

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