Avant-Premiere de Chanel lipstick collection

Rouge Coco Shine, the lip shine by Chanel is extending its range of semi-transparent shades with a palette of deeper colours. With 30% additional pigments in a melt-away texture, the new shades of the collection Avant- premiere de Chanel brings a little extra intensity to the colour, while keeping the shine as you know it. Thanks to the Hydratender complex, the secret to its gentle formula, lips are moisturized, soft and smooth. It’s easy to wear, and  available in eight shades. Definitely recommended during office hours, as it is a more sheer version.

The Rouge Coco shades are inspired by the cinema backstage atmosphere and has a more extended wear, due to it’s texture and pigmentation. I figure that’s a perfect match for night time. Personally I’d prefer wearing this version anytime. For example: The 53 Amant is a half-tone orange red gives you that teeth whitening radiant smile effect.


Don’t forget the four timeless nail colour shades to choose from depending on your mood or bag color.

Please note that the Rouge Coco shine in Sage 78 (Pure Pink) is a limited edition, as the Starlet 575 nail polish.

Avant-Premiere de Chanel lipstick collection is available from the 15th of April 2013.

Have fun!


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