Ayami Nishimura make-up artistry

For over a decade she has transformed  the pages of the world’s most recognized fashion magazines and the faces of the best loved celebrities with her unfettered imagination.

Her book, in collaboration with photographer Rankin is a glistening dreamscape where Japanese history, nature, and vision of the future collide. Obsessed with dolls from the early age of 5 making clothes for them and coloring their faces.
Working for magazines has always been a thrill for her but being able to present a book gave her to the opportunity to make her own make-up artistry decisions and tell her story through her photographs. As she says: “Inspiration comes from everywhere, especially from woman in the streets of Paris”.

Ayani’s definition of beauty? “Beauty is a moment. It’s when something happens beyond your plans or expectations  and create those magic moments”. Beautifully said and I couldn’t agree more.


Enjoy the book.

Ayami Nishimua is available thru www.abc.nl


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