AZRA Botanical Simplicity

Azra is owner of the Aspa Den Haag beauty salon in Den Haag, the Netherlands and a passionate skin therapists. To be able to find the best and most effective botanical ingredients for outstanding skincare you need to have business sense. Before Azra opened her salon studied plant science at the University of Essex. As no other she understands which plant ingredients function well and which do not. It became her mission to provide an effective ritual where hig-tec and natural materials can be combined creating three products for every age and skin type, even the most sensitive.

The Chamomile and Aloe Vera Cleanser is a non-foaming gel oil formula that also contains grapeseed extract and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and cleansed. Simple yet efficient. (120 ML| €35)

I love a face serum as it always adds a little extra to benefit the skin before applying day or night crème. This formula is directed to tackling pigment and bad bacteria. It contains vitamin B, licorice extract, peptides and squalane, raspberries and hyaluronic acid. Licorice roots has an anti-inflammatory effect and addresses pigmentation. (50 ML| €52)

Tomato and cocoa seed sound like almost eatable day creme. That might not be the idea. The creme is quite rich and you really only need a drop for your daily skincare routine to leaves a matte and bright finish. It protects skin from UVA’ s and B’s due to mineral Zink oxide. Mix it with the face serum for the best results. Cocoa seed powder delivers a high amount of anti-oxidants, jojoba seed oil leaves a protective layer on the skin while green tea calms the skin. No nonsense products that deliver. (50 ML| €48)


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